Roles and Duties of ATIC

The following roles and working groups have been identified in previous ATIC strategic planning processes. While not all of these roles and duties are fulfilled all the time, this list offers insight into the range of activities and responsibilities ATIC members may take on, based on the availability of time, leadership and resources.

Chair and co-chairs:

Coordinate activities of ATIC. Are accountable to ATIC membership to facilitate mission. Provide the official voice of ATIC for external business and communication unless otherwise designated. Coordinate communication and documentation of ATIC activities. 

Conference Liaison (may be more than one person):

Ensure that the IATC host works in alignment with ATIC mission. Maintains presence and liaises with IATC host during planning and delivery of conference. Supports the efforts of the host to achieve the ATIC mission. Advises on the international perspective. Assists in obtaining resources.

Proceedings liaison:

Advises ATIC Executive on the choice of editor(s). Ensures editor(s) work in alignment with ATIC mission. Maintains contact with editor(s) and provides updates to ATIC. Assists in developing peer-review process. Ensures timelines are met and that publication meets ATIC criteria shared through a memorandum of understanding with selected publisher. Develops appropriate processes and standards for publication of proceedings that is shared with conference presenters, authors and funder/s.

Website coordination task group:

Develops, manages and maintains ATIC website. Incorporates national and international AT links to ATIC website. Maintains a current international AT calendar and assists in the development of electronic resources.

Research and development task group:

Develops and maintains an online database of AT educational and research resources. Identifies and communicates funding opportunities for ATIC and IATC. Identifies opportunities for the distribution of research publications and literature searches/reviews. Identifies opportunities for international research opportunities. Facilitates the sharing of practice and research.

International relationships task group:

Research, contact and recruit membership for AT conferences and committee. Facilitates networking and dialogue on national and international AT issues. Collects and forwards agenda items to Committee. Informs website coordinator of international AT events. Facilitates a structured conduit between regional At groups and ATIC.

ATIC Decision-making Processes:

Two current major decisions made by ATIC are:

  1. the selection and contracting of the IATC host, and
  2. the selection and contracting of IATC proceedings editor(s).

Decisions regarding ATIC governance and development (e.g. other initiatives as they arise) are dealt with by ATIC members and the executive committee. Discussion and recommendations are generally put forward by ATIC members to the executive committee for final decisions. Executive committee will aim for consensus decisions and when agreement is not reached, will utilise a democratic voting procedure. Executive meeting minutes and decisions documented and distributed to ATIC.