What are International Adventure Therapy Conferences?

International Adventure Therapy Conferences (IATC) provide a dynamic and interactive gathering of adventure therapy practitioners, academics, researchers, allied professionals, managers and students. IATC offer an engaging forum for the growth and development of international adventure therapy worldwide.

It is expected that each IATC host will do their best to deliver an ecologically sustainable conference within the confines of their setting.

The role of ATIC in deciding IATC hosts

The Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) was established to ensure the continuity of IATC and promote the presence of diversity, including recognising cultural and geographical differences and the range of practices represented within adventure therapy worldwide.

The decision on who will host the next IATC is made by the whole membership of ATIC after consideration of submissions received prior to the current conference. Ideally the decision is based on consensus but failing agreement, the decision will be made on a democratic vote. Once the decision has been made, the ATIC conference liaison person or team liaises with the Local Organising Committee (LOC) in the host country in an advisory role.

As at 2016, ATIC does not have any financial responsibility or liability for international conferences, so takes an advisory and supportive role rather than a regulatory role. The ATIC conference liaison person or team works with the LOC to:

  • Support the efforts of the LOC to achieve the ATIC mission through the IATC
  • Maintain a presence and liaise with the LOC during planning and delivery of conference
  • Advise on issues relating to international perspectives
  • Assist in obtaining resources, including speakers, presenters and financial resources
  • Support international efforts to promote and market the IATC.

The role of IATC Host or Local Organising Committee

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) are responsible for implementing the IATC in accordance with ATIC’s mission. If the host individual(s) is/are ATIC members, they will need to relinquish their national representation and that nation will put forward replacements to ensure that ATIC and IATC business/initiatives remain distinct. The LOC will provide regular reports to the ATIC Exec and the IATC Liaison Working Party. If possible, the LOC will host an ATIC meeting at the mid-point between IATC. Upon conclusion of the IATC, the LOC will provide a report summarising IATC organising activities and en evaluation of the IATC to forward to future IATC hosts. Note that all financial and other liability for IATC’s are held by the LOC and not by ATIC.

Previous selection of IATC hosts

ATIC has chosen IATC locations taking into consideration the strength of the applicant’s proposal and their experience in hosting previous conferences. ATIC has also attended to the movement of IATC between geographical and cultural locations, including alternating each hemisphere, and English-first-language to non-English first language, to assist in facilitating international awareness and the healthy development of international adventure therapy.

Consideration is given to the ability of the applicant to demonstrate their commitment to furthering the ATIC mission. In efforts to streamline the selection process, required information has been judged by pre-determined criteria.

IATC host selection

Written proposals from interested parties wishing to host the next IATC are to be received by ATIC four months prior to the upcoming conference.  The successful host will be announced at that conference to ensure forward momentum and sense of purpose is maintained. The call for proposals will be distributed throughout the international adventure therapy community.

Required information provided by host applicants

Proposals are to be 3 –4 pages in length. The following questions are used within the IATC call for proposals:

  • proposed venue
  • proposed location
  • specific town and region
  • benefits of, and access details for this location
  • specific venue
  • rationale for venue
  • community resources to support the conference
  • community amenities relevant to hosting
  • possible theme(s) for the conference
  •  how the theme(s) address current needs of the international adventure therapy community
  • a processes for “Call for papers” and IATC promotion
  • proposed budget
  • Outline of projected expenditures and income
  • estimate of delegate registration cost(s)
  • applicant’s credentials
  • applicant’s history in event planning
  • key host committee member names and affiliations
  • resources of the host group
  • sponsoring organisation and brief history
  • allied and supporting organisations
  • financial resources secured or proposed
  • name and contact details of IATC convener, including postal and email address.

If you would like to submit an application to host 9IATC in 2021, please contact ATIC.