Past International Adventure Therapy Conferences

Since the first gathering of this kind, International Adventure Therapy Conferences (IATC) have been providing a once-every-three-year opportunity for practitioners, academics, researchers, allied professionals, managers and students to meet and discuss elements of practice, theory, research and professionalisation. These triennial events have helped to germinate numerous local and regional AT networks around the world, and have become a regular meeting place for the “IAT clan” – which some people call their international family.

A history of IATC

1997: Perth, Western Australia, Australia: Convener, Martin Ringer. Sponsoring organisation: Camping and Outdoor Education Association of Western Australia

2000: Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany: Convener, Michael Rehm. Sponsoring organisation: ZIEL

2003: Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada: Convener, Tim Cormode. Sponsoring organisation: Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society

2006: Rotorua, South Island, New Zealand: Co-conveners, Julie Byrne and Blair Gilbert. Sponsoring organisation: Rotorua Adventure Therapy Association

2009: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Convener, Kaye Richards. Sponsoring organisation: British Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

2012: Hraba Scula, Czech Paradise, Czech Republic: Convenor, Jiri Kirchner. Sponsoring organisation: to be named.

2015: Denver, Colorado, USA. Co-convenors, Dr Christian Itin and Dr Christine Norton. Sponsoring organisation: the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group of the Association of Experiential Education.

2018: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Co-Convenors, Anita Pryor, Ben Knowles, Martin Ringer and Cathryn Carpenter. Sponsoring organisation: Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy. View the conference archive here.


2022: Norway – stay tuned and keep an eye on the 9IATC site.