A Survey of Adventure Therapy Training Around The World


This survey is designed to collect information on any and all Adventure Therapy Training being offered around the world.

Within this survey, the term Adventure Therapy (AT) includes all therapeutic work undertaken outdoors or using adventure to achieve better quality of life for those involved. Internationally, AT is also known as wilderness therapy, outdoor therapy, bush adventure therapy, outdoor adventure interventions, outdoor behavioural healthcare and many more terms.

We recognise that culture, geography, politics, religion, economic, social and environmental systems all interact to influence how we name and practice what we are calling AT, and we would like to hear what your language and terminology is for these practices.

This survey invites information on all forms of training related to AT and for the purpose of this survey we have divided training into two groups: ‘Professional development’ (e.g short courses) and ‘Formal accredited qualifications’ (e.g. undergraduate and graduate degrees). Information on previous training (not currently offered) and future training (proposed training) is also welcomed. Training that is closely connected with AT but not specifically AT (e.g Adventure Education, Outdoor Therapy) is also invited.

Information you submit will be collated and publicly shared with the international adventure therapy community via this International Adventure Therapy website. Your information will become public shortly after you submit it, and you can update or remove your information at any time.

This survey should take around 20-30 minutes to complete. If you are providing information on training offered by more than one training provider, you will need to complete one survey for each training provider. If you are providing information on different training packages offered by the same provider, you will need to complete one survey for each package of training.

If you are willing to provide further information electronically (such as a Flyer, Prospectus, Handbook, Curriculum or any other information), you will be able to upload the information at the end of the survey. If you have comments or questions, please email: and .

International Adventure Therapy Training Survey


In other words, what term do you use for the practices that are contained in the training you are describing here?