Call for 10IATC Hosts- again!

Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) invites written proposals from interested parties wishing to host the Tenth International Adventure Therapy Conference (10IATC) in 2024

Proposals shall be received by ATIC by 1 Feb 2021 (see contact details below). The successful host will be decided in ATIC meeting on 24th Feb 2021 and will be expected to present plans for 10IATC during the ATIC pre-conference gathering on Sunday 19th June 2022 in Kristiansand, Norway, and at the 9IATC itself.

Please use the following format for your proposal. Proposals are to be 3-4 pages in length (approx. 2000 words) and include the following information:

  1. Information about the host committee
    1. List applicant’s credentials and history in event planning or plans to use event services.
    2. List key host committee members names and affiliations.
  2. Resources of host group
    1. List sponsoring organization(s) and brief history, as well as allied/supporting organizations.
    2. Identify national AT networks or organizations
    3. List financial resources secured and proposed
  3. The proposed location
    1. Identify specific town and region
    2. Describe benefits of, and access details for this location
    3. Identify any social-cultural-political-health risks associated with this location
  4. The proposed venue
    1. Identify specific venue and its capacity
    2. Describe rationale for venue
  5. Community resources to support the conference
    1. Describe community amenities relevant to hosting
    2. Describe potential for community engagement (e.g., local AT programs)
  6. Consideration of carbon footprint
    1. Describe efforts to reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts
  7. Possible theme(s) for the conference
    1. Describe how these theme(s) address current AT needs, issues and/or future direction
    2. Describe how these theme(s) will be enhanced by the host location, venue, and/or resources.
  8. Outline processes for “Call for papers and workshops”, IAT promotion and marketing plan
  9. Proposed budget
    1. Outline of projected number of delegates, expected and forecast income and expenditure
    2. Estimate of delegate registration cost(s)
  10. Name and contact details of convener(s), including telephone number, postal- and email address.

Please send your proposal as an attachment in both Microsoft Word and PDF format                             to the Adventure Therapy International Committee – Email:  

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