9IATC is postponed till 2022


At the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference (8IATC) in Sydney, Australia, 2018, it was announced that the 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference (9IATC) would be hosted by Norway in 2021. Soon after it was decided that the 3rd Gathering for Adventure Therapy Europe (3GATE) would be co-hosted with 9IATC, thus becoming two conferences in one.

Over the last few months the Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) and the ATIC co-chair team have been in close dialogue with the Norwegian Local Organizing Committee (LOC) regarding the ongoing pandemic and its influence on the planning and hosting of the conference.     For a while, the combination of a physical and a digital conference was considered. However, with the prospects for traveling and gathering of people not appearing likely over the year to come, the following decision was put forth by ATIC co-chairs and supported by committee members at the ATIC meeting on Zoom, Sept 3rd 2020:

The 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference (9IATC) is postponed until 2022. 

We will keep the triennial rotation, which means that the 10IATC will be hosted in 2025.

The present Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) will be extended to a four-year period to cover this gap. In order to use the time period in-between conferences more efficiently, ATIC will divide into four working groups to fulfill ATIC’s mission:

To promote and support collaboration, practice, research and development within the field of adventure therapy worldwide”

Adventure Therapy Europe will gather shortly to make their independent decision whether the 3GATE will also be postponed together with 9IATC or hosted separately.

More detailed information regarding the postponement of 9IATC and tentative dates for 2022 will be distributed from LOC via a newsletter and  the conference website:

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact ATIC co-chair:

With the anticipation to meet as a community in Norway in 2022!

Amy Horn · Virginie Gargano · Carina Ribe Fernee · Stephan Natynczuk (ATIC co-chairs)