8th International Adventure Therapy Conference

Wednesday 29th August to Sunday 2nd September 2018

Just South of Sydney on the New South Wales Coast, Australia.

Join us in 2018 at the 8IATC to celebrate past achievements and inspire future innovations by connecting or re-connecting to this inclusive, vibrant international community. In the 21 years since the inaugural conference held in Australia in 1997, the field of adventure therapy has matured significantly. Upon its return to Australian shores in 2018, delegates from within the existing community and adjacent fields are invited to join us at 'The Tops' to reflect on our cultural and professional origins and re-imagine contemporary adventure therapy knowledge and expertise in the light and landscape of ancient place-based practices.

Previous International Adventure Therapy Conferences have focused on establishing coherence and quality in the international field of adventure therapy. At the 8IATC we are reaching outwards with a theme of ‘expanding the circles’ to build links with allied fields such as social work, youth justice, programs for and by first peoples, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and of course many more.

If you’re not familiar with adventure therapy, see about international adventure therapy practices for a brief introduction.

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Expanding the Circles

Circles are symbolic of communities, of inclusive practices and wholeness: expanding and contracting yet remaining complete and unbroken. Within international adventure therapy, where do our practices intersect or overlap? Where do new and old meet, and what connects us? What contributions can we make to improve living conditions and environments around the globe? This is a field with ample opportunity for innovation and creativity, and we welcome your contribution.

As a part of our commitment to 'expand the circles' this web site encourages engagement from wide-ranging individuals and international communities with associated interests.

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